Enhancing patient care with Generative AI and intelligent robots

DRUID experts, customers, and our partners at Microsoft and Parol have explored how Generative AI and intelligent automation are helping clinics and hospitals save time for medical and administrative staff while driving revenue and improving , sparking fresh insights with real-life success stories.


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Opening keynote. Speakers: Liviu Dragan, DRUID CEO & Founder, Alina Orban, Microsoft Senior Director ISV Partners & Startups

The patient journey in the GenAI era (live demos). Speakers: Andreea Plesea, DRUID Chief Customer Success Officer and Co-Founder and Cristina Costeiu, DRUID Head of Customer & Partner Success

Customer Panel: Regina Maria, Zdraveto Hospital, Presbyterian Hospital. Speakers: Raluca Tatarusanu, DRUID VP Sales and Claudiu Pandaru, Parol CEO
Guests: Cosmin Panaete, Regina Maria Business Process Director; Dimitar Mitev, Zdraveto Hospital CEO & COVID Specialist

Closing remarks. Speaker: Liviu Dragan, DRUID CEO & Founder


Meet our speakers

Liviu Dragan

CEO & Founder,

Alina Orban

Microsoft Senior Director ISV Partners & Startups,

Andreea Plesea

Co-Founder, SVP & Chief Customer Success Officer, DRUID

Raluca Tatarusanu

Vice President of Sales,


Cosmin Panaete

Business Process Director,

Regina Maria

Dimitar Mitev

CEO & COVID Specialist,

Zdraveto Hospital

Claudiu Pandaru



Elena Branche

Conversational Business Apps Product Director,


Cristina Costeiu

Head of Customer & Partner Success,


A Look Back: Pioneering Conversational Business Applications for a Better Life

The integration of ChatGPT in DRUID's Conversational Business Applications platform is a one-of-a-kind moment in the evolution of the company, which proves that DRUID is pushing the boundaries of Conversational AI, emphasizing once more that technology works for the good of the people and for a better life, in general.

Join us on June 5th for a glimpse at
the future of AI in healthcare!

As technology is shaken by the immense power of Generative AI, witness first-hand how DRUID embraces its capabilities to foster innovation and reveal possibilities that stretch beyond the art of the possible.


More details about our hybrid event

What is Parol?

Parol is an AI-powered tool that automates medical record generation by capturing natural conversations between clinicians and patients. It extracts relevant clinical details, creating accurate and comprehensive medical documentation in real time. Parol aims to reduce administrative burdens, improve note-taking efficiency, and enhance patient care by allowing clinicians to focus more on their patients.

How is DRUID bridging the gaps in ChatGPT for enterprise use?

DRUID continues its strategic approach to become the technology hub of choice,  empowering companies to overcome the limitations of Generative AI and unleash their full potential. DRUID integrates with ChatGPT as a 3rd party tool through the Microsoft Azure components, and uses its advanced functionalities to enable companies to securely deploy advanced and secure conversational AI use-cases.

What are DRUID Conversational Business Applications?

You can imagine them as adaptive digital workspaces operated by employees and customers working side-by-side with their AI copilots to complete business tasks. Delivering a total user experience 24/7, CBAs can be deployed 5x faster than features for legacy systems, successfully maximizing ROI for existing platform investments. CBAs leverage a powerful conversational AI layer, complex automation capabilities, and open connectivity to any enterprise system and RPA technology.

Can I join the event on-site?

A limited number of participants can join the event in Bucharest at the Microsoft Offices in Bucharest. If you would like to be participate on-site, please choose the On-site option in the form above. One of DRUID's experts will be in touch soon to validate your registration.

What is the location for the on-site event?

The event will take place at Microsoft Romania Offices in Bucharest here.
Address: 6P Iuliu Maniu Blvd., Microsoft Romania, Batang Room.

If you would like to participate on-site, please select the on-site option when filling the form.

When will the event start and will it be broadcasted online?

The event will start at 10:00 GMT+1 (London time). An online broadcast will be available online on this webpage and on DRUID's LinkedIn page.